Pat Downing is an award-winning metal artist who works out of his studio in San Diego where he creates one-of-a-kind hand-forged sculptures.

Pat fuses traditional blacksmithing with contemporary techniques and is especially known for his vibrant patinas and his own unique take on Foldforming, the origami-like process of folding heated metal into dramatic shapes.

Though his work is far from traditional, Pat is very aware of the storied roots of blacksmithing. He spent years demonstrating traditional blacksmithing techniques to tourists and school groups in San Diego.

Pat’s work can be found at galleries and events throughout Southern California and is available for purchase by appointment.

Relaxation 1

"Relaxation" and "Frustration" 

Pat's most recent public art piece is two bookended sculptures that were on display in front of the Yuma Art Center — "Relaxation" (pictured above) and "Frustration." More project spotlights. 

Upcoming Events

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